Getting down with the kids – my introductory blog.

Today someone recommended I start  this here thing called ‘blogging’. Working full time in a secondary school I know this is all the rage with the teens of today, if not ‘blogging’ then definitely ‘vlogging’! Whilst I thought my Instagram and Facebook updates about all things health and fitness (my other job of almost 16 years!) was ‘trendy’ and the latest thing to do I was wrong. So wrong. It appears that social media has it specific outlets for these things and so blogging it is. What did I post recently? I have recently had a bit of a rant at multi million pound ‘dieting’ companies. All which thrive on selling a specific promise and image to vulnerable and easily manipulated women. I say women as it is largely those that they market at. But it also impacts on men. Anyone looking to address their weight, self esteem, confidence, health and wellbeing. They promise that if you buy this and that (endorsed products often filled with artificial ingredients made of nothing more than a chemical cocktail) that you will eventually end up looking like the glamourous goddess on the advert and have a flock of hot young men dancing at your feet. In reality the company gets richer, the person makes ‘friends’ from ‘fat club’ weigh in days who  have found this miracle to rescue them from what was making them unhappy through this unbreakable net of new found support and yet they still end up bigger or still battling the same weight issue three times over since when they started. Why? because the diet that offers ‘unlimited pasta’ hasn’t quite worked in the long term.

So here’s what I said: ‘It’s not rocket science’. It’s not going to cost a subscription and the answer isn’t in a magical shake, microwavable meal plan, cereal for breakfast and dinner and snacks or some innovative ingredients in a new range of tea that blasts fat in your sleep! The solution to all of this is simple. Eat natural, wholesome foods. Foods that come from the ground, from trees, from animals from land and sea. Once you eliminate the artificial and chemically enhanced ingredients the body will start to work as it was originally intended. This means the metabolism will begin to work at full throttle using energy as it should.

When we in the western world consume on a daily basis food that comes prepared, pre packaged, manufactured, with added vitamins, added protein, processed whole grains, sweeteners (that have been known to rot the brains of tested lab rats!) and so forth it is no wonder that the body doesn’t know what the hell to do with itself! It stalls in trying to process and digest the chemical shit storm that it has been subjected to. It can’t separate the nutrients from the colourings and the digestive tract stresses itself out resulting in many intestinal issues including IBS and Coeliac disease to name but a few.

Then there’s the problem of sugar. Sugar is added to everything ‘low fat’. Because for years now we have been fed the myth that we should all opt for low fat or fat free to become a lean, mean fatless machine. Absolute tosh! Fats are essential. Fat on and in the body IS essential. Without certain fats the brain begins to shut down and stop operating as essential vitamins and minerals that aid in neurological functioning aren’t there in the quantities needed and without adequate sources of fresh, organic ingredients from other sources that supply the nutrients needed to metabolise and absorb these essential elements optimal metabolic and cell functioning is impaired. Fat is good, fat from nuts, seeds, avocados, yogurt, eggs and fish (especially the oily variety). But these natural fats come unbranded, they come without packaging and plastic wrappers. They don’t earn the multi billion pound slimming companies of today the millions that they aim to retrieve from the public unaware of the hidden myths about health and nutrition.

The equation is simple. To lose weight you need to have a lower energy intake than you had previously and expend more energy through movement. To gain weight you need to increase your energy intake in the form of calories. But the form in which these calories comes really does matter. That is why a 9st woman eating clean, exercising 3-4 times a week for 30-45 minutes a time looks vastly different from a woman of the same weight surviving on a diet of prosecco, frozen pizza, sugary cereal and ‘unlimited’ fruit and fat free yogurts.

So now I am almost at the end of my introductory rant. Ready to explore and share my journey and expertise in the world of health, wellbeing and fitness. As each should really come hand in hand. I hope from this blogging business I can help someone somewhere whether it be overcome a weakness, try a new recipe, have the confidence to join an exercise class, feel like they’re not alone in their battle with their body and food then it will be worth it. For now eat clean; food from the ground, the trees, animals of land and sea. Drink water instead of coke, green tea instead of coffee and make sure you get some sleep. Peace out.



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