Ones to watch out for… mystery shopper alert! 

Ones to look out for. Morrisons own brand of peanut butter costs £1.20 compared to £3.40 for ‘Whole Earth’ equivalent. Except the Morrisons own brand has no added ingredients whatsoever. It is 100% peanuts. Organic Whole Earth is only 96-97% peanuts with added palm oil from unsustainable farmlands, it also has salts and sugars that go amiss due to its promise of being organic and natural. It pays (literally) to pay attention to labels. Know what you’re buying. Know what you’re putting in your mouth. 

I also spotted the famous ‘Lucy Bee’ coconut oil yesterday priced up st £8 and that was a reduced price in a well known supermarket. Their own brand of organic coconut oil stood beneath it in less fancy packaging and wrapping at a mere £1.99. Not much difference there then. 

#shopwisely #health #food #organics #naturalgoodness #saynotopalmoil #fuelforthebody #protein #fats 

balance #wellbeing


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