Sleep. What’s that?

I saw the photo attached on Instagram. And my initial thought was ‘I do prioritise sleep’ but then I realised prioritising means making sure it comes before other things and that I’m afraid is where I fall short. 

Like many mums if tidgy people sleep is a long distant memory. Nights are spent ‘snoozing’ on the edge of sleep knowing that little legs is about to start squawking at any moment as she hates being in her own bed. I put her in with us. I was prioritising sleep! Too right. You have to survive the best way you can in these first few years and I’m one of those ‘smithery’ mothers that can’t deal with hearing her baby cry and so let her dictate her own sleep pattern. Bad habits right? 

Sleep in underrated. When I first had little legs I thought I could manage without sleep since she seemed to wake every hour for a feed at one point. I spent days and weeks feeling like a member of the walking dead crossed with a milking cow. Half the time my brain had seized up and body was on auto pilot. Why does something so silly as sleep affect us in such an extreme way? 

Sleep is probably the main thing that keeps us going other than water. Not only does every cell in your body renew and replenish itself. But your hormones retain balance, your metabolism is maintained and so it every cell function. If we get into the sleep debt trap all kinds of things start to occur. Leptin a fat cell that maintains the sense of being satisfied decreases, ghrelin another secretion found in our cells is increased and it is this that increases hunger and also reduces our resting metabolic rate so slowing down the rate in which we burn fat or energy. 

As if this wasn’t bad enough we then have Cortisol the body’s stress hormone that is released and encourages fat storage in all the wrong places. Mainly the middle and internally around the liver. It’s been said that less than 6 hours a night on a regular basis triggers both ghrelin and cortisol production leading to uncontrollable weight gain and diseases such as diabetes. Even worse news is that lack of sleep can cause muscle loss (the things that burn fat yeah) and lead to a higher risk of injury when you donactually prioritise time to do other things like exercise.

Now has anyone got a sleep fairy that will work with a one year old? 😬😆✌️️ #sleepmatters #fatloss #bodylove #lookingafternumberone #sweetdreams #health #fitness #didyouknow


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