The one with the boiled caterpillar. And Clubbercise. 

The day begun food prepping, as per usual. Salmon with rice and salad. Thought I’d add green beans to my salad. Bit of a change I thought. So while I sat with my egg whites and spinach I put a handful on to boil. All was well until I came to drain them. As I almost poured the beans onto the salad a bright red caterpillar lay across a bean. Stomach churn. And now I’m totally off green beans. I rant on about buying organic I know and I do love fresh and green food. But nothing prepared me for a boiled caterpillar this morning. I think I feel worse because it was so tiny and defenceless. 

Anyway. That was the start of the day and clubbercise was the end. I didn’t know what to expect since in reality I’m a gym rat. I’m confident and comfortable surrounded by dumbells, squat racks and treadmills but this was something else! An hour of 90’s rave blasting out, glow sticks in hand and a sudden expectation to coordinate feet and arms to twice their normal moving speed. Needless to say it wasn’t my forte. I’m definitely not a natural at steeet dance. As much as I want to I just don’t think I’m ever meant to dance. 

So I’ve made my peace with that I think too. Tomorrow I’ll be back in the gym cross fitting my way through the functional training section and eating a non bean lunch and tea. I’ll post a few recipes this weekend to inspire a few good healthy choices. 


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